About The Author

William (Bill) T. Goodman grew up in New York state and Florida. He now resides with his wife, Marion, in Bozeman, Montana and part time in Cave Creek, Arizona. They have two sons who also live in Montana. Bill attended Pine Crest Prep School in Fort Lauderdale and later earned degrees from The University of South Florida and Florida Atlantic University as well as attending Montana State University.

Not only an expert in the field of antique American firearms, Bill has interests in Native American cultures, history and anthropology. As an avid outdoorsman, he is equally at home in the Florida Everglades, the Rocky Mountains and the Sonoran Desert.

He has always had a keen interest in writing and has been published in several magazines. He has taught high school English, social studies and creative writing.

2 thoughts on “About The Author

    • Thanks Ben. Glad you are enjoying it. I just finished my second novel called An Obvious Slam Dunk which will tie in to Desert Sundays by the end. Like Desert Sundays I’ve tried to make it a powerful, shocking (in parts) and thought provoking novel to make the reader really think and ponder serious issues. I’d be interested in your thoughts when you finish Desert Sundays. Thanks again, Bill Goodman

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